Clean As
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Fact is, petrol and diesel fuels contain impurities.
As fuel travels through your car's fuel system,
harmful carbon deposits can form on critical engine parts.
Techron fuel system cleaners help remove these deposits,
restoring lost power and performance.


For those who expect more, there’s Techron®.
For those who expect more, there’s Techron®.
500,000 Services* ...
And Counting
Where Can I Buy

Techron fuel system cleaners are available through selected franchise servicing dealer and servicing workshops including:


  • Arnold Clark Group
  • ATS Euromaster
  • Peoples Group
  • Simpsons Skoda


Techron products are also available through selected Franchise Dealers for the following vehicles marques:


Ford, BMW, Skoda, Subaru, Isuzu, Nissan ... and many more.

Find a Techron Workshop within km/ml

* Based on service bottle sales of Techron products in UK 2013-2015


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